Hi everybody,

I'm just a newbie to EJB and J2EE. I found the following problem when trying
to create a simple EJB system.
Firstly, i created the EJB application named converter (as shown in the
tutorial) and deployed it on the Sun J2EE 1.3 server using the deploytool (i
followed exactly the sun j2ee tutorial) and then got the client jar. I also
created the client application (just copied and then compiled the code in
the tutorial). But when i started the client app i found the following
exception: org.omg.CORBA.NO_PERMISSION
I though that the client application did not have sufficient previleges to
access the server and i tried to using the "j2ee" as the username and
password to connect to server (set them in the system properties) but the
server continued denying the client's access.

It's so funny that when i removed the J2EE 1.3 server and reinstalled a J2EE
1.2.1 server, the application worked well !

Could someone help me with this problem ?

BTW, Could someone tell me exactly what a j2ee client application needs to
call the bean, especialy when the client's running on a different machine.
Sun seems to be so ugly if they requires a whole j2ee server installed on
the client machine !

Thank in advance
Duong Thanh An