MyVietnam Group are pleased to announce the second release of mvnForum 1.0.0

mvnForum is a open source, powerful, easy to use, easy to setup bulletin
board (forum) built on the J2EE technology(Jsp/Servlet). mvnForum is compatible
with any Servlet Container which supports Jsp 1.1 and Servlet 2.2.

mvnFourm is a free, opensource software released under the terms of the GNU
General Public License. It means that you could use it free of charge to
build your own communities.

This version contains many bugs fixed and new features since beta1 release.

Some main new features in beta2 release are:
- User cannot view email until he have logged in (avoid spam and email-harvest
- Support 5 sorting options when viewing Recent threads and Threads in forum
- Support most of mvnCode, such as : [b]bold, [color=deeppink] : Deep pink
- Support full mvnEmotion, such as ,
- Admin can view the IP of any post (both creation time and last edit time)

- Admin can delete any forums at any time
- Forum Moderator can edit any posts at any time
- Forum Moderator can delete any threads at any time
- Admin can remove member from group at any time
- Admin can delete any groups at any time

For a full list of features, please visit

You can download mvnForum beta2 at:

Don't hesitate to send us feedback, it will help us a lot.
Thanks and enjoy ,

Minh Nguyen