I am using java 2 with the oracle v2 xml parser.

My problem :
I have a parsed XML message, resulting in a refenece to a Document object.
Now I want to walk through all the nodes (recursivly) and format or change
the value of the nodes. The result should be an xml with the same structure
but with slightly changed data. The problem is when I do a
Element.setNodeValue call in java, I get an exception saying that the
nodevalue could not be changed. Doing the same but with an attribute of the
node is successfull.
I am encountering the same problem when I try to build a new XML sturcture
with the DOM. Working with attributes, no problem, but when I try to set the
value of the node, I get always the same error.

Does someone knows what the problem could be ? Could someone point me to
some java xml samples where they create an xml with the dom objects ?

Thanks for reading,
Best regards,
Frank Devliegher

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