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Thread: Applet Servlet communication. Establishing a connection

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    shazia Guest

    Applet Servlet communication. Establishing a connection

    Hello,I am new in applet servlet communication, and am doing a project on
    it. My project involves choosing some values from a popup menu on an applet
    and posting tose values to a servlet, which should the pass those values
    I am having a problem establishing a connection with the servlet.

    can some one give me the code for an applet and a servlet which will do the
    above operation. i.e choose a value from a popup menu on an applet, press
    a button so as to post the value to the servlet. The servlet then passes
    the values back on to a text box in the applet. This will therefore prove
    that applet servlet communication has taken place.

    please also email me the code or comments to my email address,
    I will be willing to provide my code so far to anyone interested on helping
    me in the project.

    Thanks in advance

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    Jo Desmet Guest

    Re: Applet Servlet communication. Establishing a connection

    please do not cross-post. I have answered in another newsgroup.

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