I come from a VB background and am trying to learn java
I have been working with JDK 1.3 and learning the elements of
Swing. I have created a "form" using JFrame and have added
some buttons to it. When I click the "ADD" button I open up another
"form", again another class that creates a JFrame with components
on it. I have added an event to close the second window when
the user clicks the X button and I am trying to add an event
to a "CLOSE" button which will do the same thing (simply close
the window and return focus to the original form). So here
is what I am doing:
1. class1 creates a GUI window with buttons and textfields
2. click the 'ADD' button which calls a method in Class2
3. class2 method creates a second form or window with more buttons
and textfields
4. close the second window by hitting the X button or clicking
a close button (X works fine - close button not working)

The JFrame is public and is called frmMain1, So when I call the
openForm method in class2 from class1 I create the frmMain1 JFrame like this
-3 methods that create 3 panels containing buttons and text
-show the frmMain1.setVisible(true);
I add an ActionListener for the CLOSE button and when the user
clicks the button I use frmMain1.setVisible(false); -- doesn't work
and I don't know why? The button works because I added a
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog to be invoked when the button is clicked
but I can't get the JFrame to go away. Am I on the right path
or is there a better way to open and close multiple windows in
a single application??? Any help would be very much appreciated.