I'm calling javascript function through my applet whereby i'm passing string
variable...Now it works fine initially, but i'm continuesly passing string
from applet to java script, then after some time it gives me this error.."could
not complete the operation due to error 80020101"

To brief u about my program, i'm sending some string packets from my java
application, running on server, to the applet, on a asp page..
Applet receives all the string packets, and after validating them, passes
then to that asp page, using java script, and on the asp page, that string
is displayed accordingly...
Now this string packet is send in a lot in every second, say 3/4 strings
per second...for some duration(5 to 10 minutes) applet receives the string
and sends it to asp page...but then after, general exception occurs with
the message "couild not complete the operation due to error 80020101"
Please if you could help me out in this..