I'm starting Java and I'm having trouble getting off the ground with it. I
keep getting an 1 error with the simple, first program in the book. Below
is the how my Autoexec.bat looks and below that is the program that I'm trying
to run. Thanks for your help.

REM [Header]

REM [CD-ROM Drive]
REM c:\windows\command\mscdex /d:gem001

REM [Miscellaneous]

REM [Display]

REM [Sound, MIDI, or Video Capture Card]

REM [Mouse]


PATH C:\jdk1.3.0_04\bin;%PATH%

SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;.;C:\jdk1.3.0_04\lib\tools.jar


public class Ellsworth {
public static void main(String[] arguments) {
String line1 = "The advancement of the arts, from year\n";
String line2 = "to year, taxes our credulity, and seems\n";
String line3 = "to presage the arrival of that period\n";
String line4 = "when human improvement must end.";
String quote = line1 + line2 + line3 + line4;
String speaker = "Henry Ellsworth";
String title = "U.S. Commissioner of Patents";
String from = "1843 Annual Report of the Patent Office";
System.out.println('\u0022' + quote + '\u0022');
System.out.println("\t" + speaker);
System.out.println("\t" + title);
System.out.println("\t" + from);