I'm having trouble with an applet - It is not very complex. I just trying
figure out threads. The applet basically creates 3 threads which can be
controlled (start, suspend and resume) with buttons. Two of the threads are
bouncing balls and the third is creates swirly colored text.
The applet works fine in IE5 and through the appletviewer but refuses to
work in Netscape. I need to get the applet running from a website.
This is the error message:
"Applet bounce can't start: class bounce not found".

When I take a look at the Java console in Netscape i get this message
"# Applet exception: class bounce not found

I have JDK 1.1.5. I am using Suspend() and Resume() to control an animation
thread. When I compile in Jbuilder 3 - I get warnings that these are
deprecated. How else could you suspend and resume a thread.
the error. Any help would be much appreciated. Here is the code

You can view the applet here:
The source code: http://netessentials.squirrel.com.au/bounce/bounce.java