Hello all,
I am a newbie in java programming. My project requires me to develop an
application, a newsreader(not conform to typical NNTP protocols, I am using
my own protocols to suit my application), that uses the interface below. I
think there is a way to merge the JTree and JTable together to create a tree
with mutiple columns.

+ Message1 myDate myTime
+Re:Message1 myDate myTime
-Re:Message1 myDate myTime
-Re:Message1 myDate myTime
-Re:Message1 myDate myTime

However, due to my inexperience, I can't figure out how to use the existing
swing components to merge them together.

Can anyone help me? I'll be saving these messages in a database and will be
extracting them using SQL. I need to know how to sort the messages, put in
necessary Re: at the subject field, indent them under appropriate tree


Best Regards,
Wing Hoe
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