I want to store a large number of words (kind of like a mini dictionary ???)
and want to be able to look up individual words(e.g find dog, cat) and also
look for words that start with certain letters (words that start with do,
ca etc)
The simplest way (for me anyway) so far is to store all of the words in a
big array, but this takes up a lot of space and I guess will have download
implications ....
I was also thinking of storing all the words in some sort of tree-like structure,
with each letter being a node in the tree (to remove redundant info). However,
having thought of this clever idea, I don't know how I could go about searching
this "tree-like" thing for my desired words .....

Any suggestions about how to store a large no of words in a space efficient
way, but at the same time making it relatively easy to search for the required
words ????

Thansk for your help.