Paul, Thanks again - Much appreciated! - DonM

"Paul Clapham" <> wrote:
>No, you just use javac to compile as you always have. It doesn't matter
>where you install the servlet development kit, only it contains a jar file
>(called servlet.jar) which needs to be in your classpath for your compiles
>to work. Since you're using JDK1.3, the easiest way to achieve this is

>just drop a copy of that jar file in the JDK's extension directory. For

>this is D:\jdk1.3.0\jre\lib\ext, modify that based on where you installed
>your JDK.
>DonM <> wrote in message news:3a72526a$
>> I've downloaded the JDK1.3 and have used javac to compile and run some

>> apps (on Win NT 4) . Being an impatient type that wants to jump ahead

>> writing servlets, I downloaded the JSDK2.1, but am having trouble figuring
>> out how to compile servlet code.
>> There isn't any javac.exe file in the JSDK, so I tried using the JDK's

>> - and of course it gives compile errors because it can't find the servlet
>> class methods that are referenced in the code.
>> Should the jsdk be installed in the same directory as the JDK? Are there
>> version compatibility issues? I'm sure setting this up is fairly straight
>> forward for those of you in the know ( but I sure could use a clue or

>> )
>> Thanks in advance