Well, some methods are not supported by Netscape 3, because they might be
from newer versions. I recomend you going to www.devguru.com, folow the javascript
link, and go to the index. See if any particular function is not supported
by older versions of Netscape. Don't worry I always get stuck on something
like this, and I always find a way out. If you have any questions e-mail
me the function and maybe I'll help you there.

Michelangelo Della Rocca <wnuser@roma.intecs.it> wrote:
>Hi to everyJAVA in the world
>How are your JAVA and script codes?
>I just got a trouble about PASSWORD input field reading by its
>javascript properties.
>My JS function compare two PASSWORD fields value (i.e. OLD password and
>the NEW one).
>It works on N4.0 (SUN and Win versions) and also on IE4.0, but it
>doesn't work on N3.04
>Can anyone help me?
>Please, I need it very urgently.
>Thanks a lot in advance
>Michelangelo Della Rocca
>Company: InTecs Sistemi SpA - Roma
>Via del Poggio Fiorito, 61
>00143 ROMA (ITALY)
>e-mail: wnuser@intecs.it
>tel: +39 - 06 - 54528226
>fax: +39 - 06 - 54528222