I am new to java. I have created an applet that has 6 different panels. The
user will enter data into the panel then come to main menu and fill out another
panel. The information the user puts in each of the panels will need to
be wrote to a file. The user will then enter new data and again this info
will be appended to the file when the user is done the information in this
batch file will need to be manipulated and reformated into another file.
This second file will need to be downloaded to the users computer as they
will need to upload this file to a BBS system. My question is will the file
sit on my home page server. In my code to open the file is the path my home
page URL plus the file name? What would be the best way to set up the download?
Does anyone know if I could upload this file to the BBS system right off
my homepage?

Any help is very appreciated