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Thread: Problem with LvBook applet

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    Jan 2003

    Question Problem with LvBook applet

    Hi ! I'll try to make me understood in english, but I use ti speak french...
    I've a problem with the lvbook applet : when I try it on my computer, eveything is OK, but when I put my pages on my provider's server, I can only have the four first pictures. Is there a special format of pictures to use ?
    You can have a look at and go to "Fast Tour" page if somebody has an idea to help me.
    Thx a lot

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    Nov 2002
    you may have the wrong address to these files, hence, the broken links, or maybe the server where you uploaded your applets don't allow applets to run in the system. then again maybe you have to update some JRE's...

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    Oct 2002
    Hmm...I can't seem to get any pictures up. About the ofrmat of pictures - I've not played around with this stuff but I'd suggest using JPEG's as their are quite well compressed (and most commonly used on the net for small but good quality pictures).

    I'd suggest you check that they are in the right place but I'd assume there would be some error message if not?

    Hope that helps.

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    Jan 2003
    Thx for answering
    Unfortunately, I've already checked the paths of the pictures, it's Okay. I'll change all the files in Jpg very soon, and I've not yet heard that my provider doesn't accept applet, but I'll check it too.
    What is strange to me, is that on, all files are in jpg - like me -, I have the same numbers of pictures - 16 -, and everything goes right on this site !
    Any more idea ?


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