Learn how XML can benefit
government departments and agencies

This symposium will equip you with clear ideas for how government IT professionals
can implement XML to dramatically improving “Constituent Self-Service” and
information exchange within government agencies. The sessions feature experts
and practitioners who have key lessons to share on how to use XML as part
of the solution to streamline the self-service process.

Maximize your office’s ability to successfully utilize XML technology

This seminar will give you the opportunity to analyze your current systems
and develop tailored XML implementation strategies for your department or
agency, based on lessons learned by others already using XML in government.
Discover the pros and cons of using XML before you begin in order to save
yourself time and money. Learn how to motivate key decision-makers to take
advantage of XML technology as part of their E-Government efforts.

Paperless government is within our reach thanks to Internet innovations,
and XML is at the heart of the revolution. We hope you will join us at the
ONLY program specifically developed to address government applications of
XML as we explore this promising new standard for the exchange of information.
Space at this event will be limited.

Register yourself and your team today by calling
Christian Dunn (703)519-6270.

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