I have written an extensive java program that works on my unix workstation.

When I try to use it on a webserver, I run into permission problems when
trying to
read files. I wanted to read the files on the SAME server where I store
the classes and html. However, now I find out that java must be COMPILED
with these file paths verbatim or the files are not accessible.

Is there a way to read server copies of files? I was previously using
HTML with <PARAM NAME=model VALUE="xyz"> and letting the java program read
based on the 'model' parameter.

Is there a javascript or html construct that I can use to set up these files
rather than passing in a model name? The java program currently uses the
name and appends file attributes, like:

xyz.animate, xyz.macros, xyz.ordering, etc. How else can I read these files
and generate these files later for xyz, abc, efg, etc.?