I have an application that I wrote a last years that fakes url
rewritting so that I can maintain a session where both my browser and a
couple of application servers can talk to an authentication server
simply by tacking the jsessionid to the url in the request.

I am now looking to move this application to a soap/web services
environment, Like most people I have picked up a couple of books and
trawled the net but cannot find any info,

I would guess that I could simply replicate what I do today and add the
jsessionid to the url of the web services

As I said I am a newbie, what I used to store in the session I guess I
now need to to simply store this in the class as the scope set to
session should instantiate a new service object per client. (How does
the soap server know it is a new client or returning client, jsessionid
I guess?)

Heres where I get lost in the technology, my book says I need to use the
same call object, as I am using multiple application servers all faking
the url rewrite method how do I use the same call object? or do I simply
create a new call each time my browser client talks to to application
server add the session id and hope that the Apache soap server
recognises the sessionid from the url and assumes it is from the
existing session.

Next question how do I now work with session stuff such as killing it

Hopefully somebody can help me out her