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Thread: basic servlet setup question

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    Chris Guest

    basic servlet setup question

    I'm beginning to study servlets and all those stuff... I have my jdk131 installed,
    and my tomcat up and running...

    However, when I try to compile my first servlets using javac, it does not
    see where the servlet libraries are. After some searching and head-scratching,
    I found a servlet.jar in one of Tomcat's subdirectory. I know this is related,
    but I couldn't figure out what to do... I have been changing a lot like changing
    the CLASSPATH, PATH, etc.; but nothing seems to do the trick.

    How do I make this work?

    Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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    Ben Guest

    Re: basic servlet setup question

    > the CLASSPATH, PATH, etc.; but nothing seems to do the trick.
    Try: javac -classpath servlet.jar;something.jar etc.
    Unix/Linux replece ';' with ':'

    For more details:


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