hi all,
i have been developping webservices since the last past 7
months, so it's not a "how to" problem.
I hope that someone could maybe help in finding some clues.
Here is my problem:
i have made a webservice, with a java client, and a .NET
Server. Interop works fine. The server sends back the
result, and if the result is an error, it gives the full
error message for explanations. This error message is
initialized to " " (empty) and can only retrieve a
When i call the webservice, it can work for 5,10 or 20
times, but suddenlty i will get a message "Exception". I
mean, not the full message, just a string "Exception". If
i call back the webservice with the same data, i could get
again an "Exception" or it could work again for 10 times.
So as you can see, it's not easy to reproduce the bug in
order to debug it.
I mean usualy, when it really bugs (like an insert problem
in a database etc...), i get a full message
like "Unexpected end of file from server" or "Must declare
the variable '@EMP_ContactId'". My try/catch deals with

So i have no idea for the reason of this "Exception"
message. No more details, it can bug or work in a random
way... It's not a timeout problem as the server answers,
but it answers "Exception"... I have never seen this
before. A network problem ? a DB problem ? a SOAP problem
(when it's a SOAP problem i usualy get an "I/O Exception
so i don't thinks it's the case here)?

really weird.
Any help to find a solution would be appreciated.

ps: sorry for my coarse english.