Announcing TechSoup's latest week-long online event:
December 3rd-7th in TechSoup's Open Source Software and Alternative Operating
Systems forum:

The hosts of this event, Greg Beuthin (CompuMentor's Technology Consultant
and TechSoup's Hardware guide), Joe Cancilla (TechSoup's Content Developer
and Open Source guide), and Michael Schrecker (CompuMentor's Technology Consultant
and Systems Administrator) will discuss the alternatives we have to the Windows
Operating System.

We will explore ideas such as:

* What are the benefits of using alternative software?
* Is it difficult to work within an alternative operating system?
* Should your organization go with a Macs, PCs, or both?
* Is Mac OS X appropriate for nonprofits? What is the future of Mac anyway?
* What is Linux and how do you get it?
* What options are there for Mac databases beyond Filemaker?

Though alternative software products don't get the attention they deserve,
they can often save money and may be a better match for your organization.
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