I am trying to use the textbox to display the data from recordset in the database
through XML and XSL transformation in VBScript.

It seems to me there are only two ways to pass the data to the textbox for
display purposes and changing the data directly in the textbox.
1) store the value from field of the recordset in the variable and place
holder like:<%=something%> to display that value in the input textbox.

2) same way but just traversing the MSXMLDOM object and retrieving the node's
text value and assigning it to the variable
and again using place holder(<%=something%>)

Is there any other ways to display the data in a input textbox through XSL

Just to clear my question, while posting this message I used the textarea
labeled "Message:" and the three textboxes labeled "Name:", "E-mail:", "Subject:",
where I typed my name, e-mail, subject and the message itself in the textarea.
The same way, I want to use .asp page with XML and XSL transformation to
display the data in the input boxes with XSL/XSLT.

I hope that my question was clear if not please contact me for further clarifications

Any help will be greatly appriciated.

Thank you,

Marat Musaev