I have an issue and I shall greatly appreciate any help.
I have to access a page after login in through another page. I have a login
id and password.
After I am in the page I want to be, there are several links for downloading
csv files and I want to download the file pu50011.csv. I have the
following code

"GET","http://www.moodysqra.com/pubfirm/data/pu50011.csv",false,uid, pwd

httpobj.setRequestHeader "Content-type","text/csv"
response.write httpobj.statusText
str = httpobj.responseText
response.write httpobj.Status
response.write vbNewLine
response.write str

response.write str displays the login page itself

the login page is

Normally after I login in interactively, I am send to the page
where there is a link for downloading the file pu50011.csv and the url for
the link is
http://www.moodysqra.com/pubfirm/data/pu50011.csv which
i am specifying in the Open call.
I am not sure how to do this right.

I really appreciate your help