I'm developing a intranet solution for my company based on XMLHTTP. I use
XMLHTTP to send a request to the web server instead of using the HTML Form
because I want to modify the returned page (responseText) on the client side
before displaying it in IE5.

var xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
xmlhttp.open("GET", strURL, false);
strDocText = xmlhttp.responseText;
strDocText = strDocText.replace ("Service Desk Lite", "ServiceDesk");
strDocText = strDocText.replace ("Ad-hoc Download - Transaction data", "Custom
Data Query");
document.write (strDocText);

After displaying returned responseText in IE5, I click on File -> Save As
or File -> Send -> Page by Email. What I save or send is the original page
(the page that submits the request), not the returned page (responseText).
However, click View -> Source displays the responseText. I even tried to
clear the document (document.clear), reload (location.reload) and open a
new window for writing the the responseText, but what I got when save as
a file or send by email is the original page. Any suggestion or workaround
on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Phong Tran