I have a xlm doc with the following format: see code
I want to be able to combine the contents from one to the other. The tier
level remains constant.

I am not concerned with duplicate information being copied. I know the CDO
layer will be common. I quest what makes this difficult for me is the attributes.
If you can give me persudo code that would be fine. What I really need is
how to search for the node that matches, say at the class level with a specific
name, then to copy the node if found to the destination doc. I don't know
how to use XPATH with the attributes.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Class name="cdoOraDB">
<Method name="InsertRec">
<Error ErrNum="-23456" ErrDesc="ADO Insert Failure" DateTime="1-22-2001
<Class name="cdoSQLDB">
<Method name="TestMethod">
<Error ErrNum="-23456789" ErrDesc="Some ado Error" DateTime="03:47:07
PM Friday, Feb 2 2001"/>