Thank you very much Pat for the advice. I am cutting and pasting
your email text in to my sticky to guide me to various references.

"Pat-Reek" <> wrote:
>I liked "XML in Action", William J. Pardi, Microsoft Press, for getting

>feet wet; takes away that fear factor, and shows you it's just another language.
> Caveat(a); Very MicroSoft-Centric, including writing to their MSXML tools,
>but technically friendly. Caveat (b); What you can do with it today is

>lot more than what you could do with it when this was written. XML is still
>very much in the Jules Verne "In 100 years, people will fly to the moon

>riding on sausages!" stage - everyone is conjecturing(??), testing, and

>Also, download Cocoon from, and follow their install case
>(to the letter!) and then play around with their examples, and then XML

>Trial Version (An Outstanding editor) and then you'll be cutting-edge!
>Patrick N.
>"Aaron " <> wrote:
>>Hi XML,
>>XML has always intimidated me --I do not know where to start and how to

>>I have been using HTML, JavaScript past 4 years and CSS from the past year
>>and they were a breeze to learn and practice for me.
>>With XML I am confused what tools and resources I need to program in it,
>>where I can get it, or even what exactly it is.
>>It is my hope that here in this newsgroup some of you will be able to point
>>me in the right direction. Can you suggest me a good book, online tutorial,
>>a location where I can download tools.
>>Thanks in advance,