http://xml.startkabel.nl is a XML portal site made by XML users. The main
object of this site is to help all the XML users to find good XML resources
in a most effective way: one click on your mouse. To reach this object, I
will try to update the site every week and provide update message like this
one. Help is also needed from you: the XML user. If you find a good XML site
or topic which is not listed on my site, please let me know: mailto:xml@planet.nl.
Corrections for the links on my site are most welcome.

This week http://xml.startkabel.nl is moved to a new server. You might have
problem to load the site. It will go back to normal in coming days. The uptime
of the site will be improved by this change.

Updates of this week (19 feb ~ 25 feb 2001):
1. New categories added:
2) DTD/Schemas
3) RDF/Metadata

2. New links added:
1) 5 links in category 'XML for beginners'
2) 3 links in category 'XML Advanced'
3) 3 links in category 'XML Specifications'
4) 5 links in category 'XML Examples'
5) 1 links in category 'XML Browsers'
6) 1 links in category 'XML Document Editors'
7) 1 links in category 'XML Schema/DTD editors'

Kind regards,
Haitian Ning