I'm using some xml for my website gallery. yesterday i download some xml file with embeded gallery. the xml file enhanced with details given below.,

1. .swf file
2. .xml file
3. .htm file

k still., now i need to add some more links to connect the gallery with the appropriate names. In meantime when i click a place mats link text, that will redirected to gallery with displays some of place mats pictures., and when i click bedspreads link it will also redirect the appropriate gallery images.

I cant alter in xml documents., because it shows only one gallery. i cant create or access new commands to link the gallery with my new files.



<section name="configuration">

<delta_pics>10</delta_pics> <!-- distance between adjacent images -->

<alpha_bg>90</alpha_bg> <!-- transparency of the substrate under the comment -->

<delta_scr>0</delta_scr> <!-- scroller correction -->

<pic_smoth>true</pic_smoth> <!-- image smoothness (true/false)-->

<pic_ext>.jpg</pic_ext> <!-- big pictures filename extension (.jpg/.png) -->


<section name="gallery_small_img">

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic1.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic2.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic3.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic4.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic5.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic6.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic7.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic8.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic9.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic10.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_small_pic11.jpg" />


<section name="gallery_big_img">

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_1.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_2.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_3.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_4.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_5.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_6.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_7.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_8.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_9.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_10.jpg" />

<image imageUrl="_gallery_big_images_11.jpg" />




<a href="#">
<font color="#ff6622">>></font> PLACEMATS<br>

<font color="#ff6622">>></font> TABLE CLOTHS & RUNNERS<br>

<font color="#ff6622">>></font> KITCHEN - APRON , GLOVES<br>

<font color="#ff6622">>></font> CURTAINS & YARN CURTAINS<br>

<font color="#ff6622">>></font> BEDSPREADS, THROWS, SHAMS<br>

<font color="#ff6622">>></font> CUSHION COVERS & BED COVERS<br>

<font color="#ff6622">>></font> BAGS & GIFT PRODUCTS<br>

Anyone Could known that issue. pls let me know how to rectify that issue.

Thanks in Many more advance.