i am having the following problem and am not sure as to what my next
step would be. i am running a win2k server and have a win2kpro client on
which i am having the following problem.

user cannot run programs such as the following:
diskkeeper (clicking on shortcut does nothing)
veritas backup (clicking on shortcut does nothing)
autocad 14 (when attempted to run by non admin message
states that it was installed improperly and must
be reinstalled to correct registry settings)
in addition the user cannot format zip disks on his internal zip drive.

i have gone through and checked all my security settings and policies and
have even tried disabling most of them for this user and still have the

all of the programs above dissappear when logged on as admin and everything
works fine. any help as to which sec settings i need to check into
specifically would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
Glenn (Jreg)