Articles on IBM developerWorks

Passwords - Software security for developers
Like many security technologies we have discussed in this series on developerWorks,
the idea is simple and elegant, but getting everything exactly right is harder
than it first appears. In this installment, Gary McGraw and John Viega focuses
on the problem of storing passwords. Next time, authenticating of users with
passwords will be discussed.,p=softsec

A three part installement on Cryptography
Gary and John discuss the goals that cryptographic systems are designed to
meet, as well as what can go wrong in these systems. Over the next three
installments of our software security column, we’ll take on three cryptography
- When and how to use cryptography
- The major classes of cryptographic algorithms
- When and how to apply particular algorithms,p=softsec

Random Numbers - Make your software behave: Playing the numbers
Truly secure software needs an accurate random number generator. This three
article series discussed how to generate Random Numbers to really secure