What do you think about M$'s .NET strategy and security/privacy issues it
may cause? Do you think it's really good to have applications running on
a remote server on the Internet? Do you like the idea that you will need
to connect to the Internet to read and write Word documents or Excel sheets?
With all security holes currently reported (and those not reported, like
backdoors, or not discovered yet), do you think the softwares and OSs are
ready to be so widely opened? Do you realize that it will be more easy to
exploit security holes and propagate viruses/trojans because scripting and
all others dangerous features will need to stay enabled on most systems for
office applications still runnning? What about logging activities and sniffing
private/proprietary data on host servers without the knownledge and the desire
of users? And finally, what about not being able to buy a software that we
pay one time for all and use as often we need with the possibility and the
liberty to add and remove fonctionalities without being charged for each
of them?