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Thread: access denied - dos command from an asp

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    jp Guest

    access denied - dos command from an asp

    i have sever code (vbscript) which shells out to dos to execute an AT command
    to schedule tasks on some servers on which i have admin authority. if i
    attempt to do this on my loacal machine it works fine but if i attempt to
    schedule a task on any of the remote servers i get access denied. the iusr
    account is running under an account with admin rights as is the schedule
    service on both the web server and the remote server. i can execute other
    dos commands on the remote machines but can only schedule events locally.
    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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    Michael Howard Guest

    Re: access denied - dos command from an asp

    This is a very common problem - i assume you're using Windows NT4? In which
    case when you run an AT job, the Scheduler service runs as localsystem. When
    it picks up your job to do, it does so as Localsystem. Problem is, localsystem
    cannot leave the box - it cannot access a remote server. This issue is fixed
    in Windows 2000, where computers are treated as 'users', or more accurately
    as principals.

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    Kenji Yamamoto Guest

    Re: access denied - dos command from an asp

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