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Thread: Re: .Jason Harper's Article

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    Tade Oyebode Guest

    Re: .Jason Harper's Article

    My comment is about Jason Harper's article.

    I am not yet a fan of SOAP and .Net Framework. It is early days and I am
    still exploring.

    I would share your concern about SOAP if the likes of IBM are not also supporting
    SOAP. IBM is not noted for producing systems rife with security problems.

    I can see your concern about security issue being handled by a black box,
    but I don't share your concern about memory issues being handled by CLR,
    afterall, Java handles memory issues internally.

    Personally, I think we have to watch this space of .Net Framework, but I
    would be surprised if Microsoft has not taken security issues into consideration
    at all.

    I have not found enough substance in Jason's article to worry me. There is
    a whole namespace (System.Security) devoted to security issues. Have you
    had a look at this?



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    Michael Howard Guest

    Re: .Jason Harper's Article

    a number of apsects of the article are, well, i'm not gonna say in public!!
    but i stopped reading once i read the assertion that udp was insecure....

    anyway, you should read blair dillaway's excellent response...


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