There are plenty of companies still using VB/Oracle.

Our organization moved away from VB front ends and we are now writing
ASP/web interfaces to the Oracle back end. This does two things: 1)
Eliminates the need to install Oracle's SQL*net software on every client
machine and 2) Cuts costs on tech support trying to update users systems
with the latest OSR, SP, updates, etc.

As for VB7 supporting native Oracle, i.e., P/SQL, etc....that is one concept
you can forget.

At the time, I personally recommend that our shop use SQL Server, which
required no extra software on the client side, but since the server side
technologies have come of age, there's less need for VB apps in our org.
Besides, our bosses had been brainwashed by the main-stream media that
anything Microsoft was bad and buggy and Oracle was the best thing next to
sex. My suggestions was a fuitle attempt at trying to get them to logically
look at TCO of both platforms. They decided to go with Oracle.

My Opinion of Oracle's database? I could care less, because I'm not
administrating the database back end. If I was, I'd demand SQL Server 7.
Oracle's administration tools are pathetic compared to SQL7 tools. Also,
having to drop and recreate tables over and over just to change a data row
size is too much work. In SQL7, you hit the design table menu, change the
value, click OK and your done.

Oracle's programming environment, Form Builder, is pathetic to say the
least. Oracle's new mantra of Java everything I think will be either their
demise or salvation, depending on wether Java can muster any more support
that what it has now.

That's just my comments and two cents from a VB developer viewpoint, who has
developed VB and Oracle apps.



"Moez Vallani" <> wrote in message
> Why aren't companies using VB/Oracle for their development platform? Will
> the next version of VB support more features with Oracle? Can we have more
> articles on VB/Oracle?