Status vs.State - On Microsoft Trial

Big things are good things, lasting things, and their worth defy the human
mercurial scales of values in terms of money or fashionable appeal.Microsoft
is one among them - ranking in the line of outstanding discoveries such as
the fire, the wheel,the screw, the transistor.
What Mr.Gates did for mankind belittles not only any charge thrown in his
face, but his own idea about his rights as well.
His discovery and his personal contribution to the software development are
that staggering they ceased to be something private and personal, and the
whole perception itself goes distorted where classic entities such as right,
claim, and liability go either non relevant or at best of a new and strange
meaning having nothing no likeliness to whatever they used to look like until
And both parties seem to feel this and see it more like a stalemate with
no go both ways at least where rights and / or rights infringement are concerned
old style.The Thing grew up too big, to fast and too far for any human brain
comprehension to be able to catch up with, no matter how far sighted it might
go.It's already all over the place, heralding things undreamed of even by
science fiction.
One could say Mr.Gates went fossilized by sheer gradient of explosion, exposure,density
and integrity his products had worldwide.
And as a fossil, IT (he ) can't claim no rights - except, as a shrine,oh,
yes,perpetual gratitude and thanksgiving.He turned legend in his very own
time, and it's pathetic for a legend hero (a real civilization maker) to
start taxing the very civilization which he put the zero-milestone to.
I am convinced Mr.Bates is far too intelligent to commit the mortal sin of
overpride when simply enjoying the fruit as is would more than suffice for
many, many lifetimes.Why,after all maybe that's why he mounted the appeal,
as a knee-jerk memento about the old times of claiming the rights and fighting
for them with tooth and nail - fighting all the way; automatically so, sort
of speaking.
But, alas, those times are gone now, and if we just dare to take a look at
this trial from the opposite viewpoint - the duty - , what we'd see makes
more sense - in all its classical beauty and majesty:
The duty of a genius is to bring light to people to the full extent of his
extraordinary powers vested in him by the Maker of all - God Himself.And
whoever has the candle of light, by hight commission and call, puts it on
top of the table for eveyone to see it and enjoy it -with no retribution.
This is an act of honor - the greatest of all mortals born of women could
ever been granted.
In their times T.A.Edison and C.Townsend enjoyed the glory their brainbabies
- the electric bulb and the transistor - that put new landmarks in history
of civilization, brought them.Whether you buy a red rose or not, sharing
its scent is free, and nobody nowhere no matter how tightwad starts charging
people for smelling it.
Deep down humans are a noble race even when some seem to mock or forget it.No
one ever asks a genius to come up and change the mould for the better, but
when he or she does, it is from highest command - all prices, and tributes
included .In these matters doing means all, overdoing - nothing.
As seen from the rights quarters viewpoint, the trial stands stalemate,
while looked upon it from the duty side, the trial simply does't exist.
It had to make waves as a telltale remainder:Microsoft fosters a Macroconcept
people will have to learn to live with from now on.
The trial made its point.But the score is kept elsewhere under the stars.
Radu Pintea