In my humble opinion Microsoft is doing a great job. The bottom line for
me is how quickly and inexpensively can I produce a top quality web application.
The Microsoft platform (Windows NT/2000 on the server and IE on the client)
provides the shortest means to this end. If you find that you are having
problems with scalability, availability , or any other xxxability on the
Microsoft platform, you are doing something wrong. In addition, I have been
able to consistently support my cross-platform clients without incident.
Iím note sure what Glenn Davisís problem is.

Here is a snippet from the web site of the organization he helped found:


Does The WaSP Hate Microsoft?
Does The Web Standards Project hate Microsoft? Are we out to get them? Do
we punish them for small faults while praising competitors who offer inferior
products? Are we secretly siding with Netscape, Sun, Apple, (insert name


I think the answer is obviously YES.


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