No matter what your complaint about Microsoft HAS been, the company and its
president deserve to have the credit given to them for what they produce
NOW. I have gone from a DR-DOS, Wordperfect, Netscape, avoid-Microsoft-at-all-costs
strategy to being an avid user of NT, 98, Explorer, and VC++. Forget the
cry about standards - if committees want to base standards on sub-standard
products then why would anyone, let alone a leader in the field, follow them.

Many companies keep their own standards - they are called patents and copyrights.
If a standards committee really wants to take on a genuine role in providing
accessibility to all Net users they should be engaging in asking Microsoft
for their opinion, not trying to dictate to the company responsible for much
of the IT progress we have seen in the last 15 years.

Larry Cashion
PeachTree Grove Software
Megalong Valley