The reason were in this pickle now, is not Microsoft or Netscape's fault.
The "Standards" committees defined vague specifications, from which different
companies interpreted differently. Now that all this code has been written,
Microsoft should re-code everything? And what of all the existing web sites?
Sure that's all we need to be coding in our websites -

If IE (old Microsoft Standard)
Code Here
If NS (old Netscape Standard)
Code Here
If new "Standard" (assuming it isn't again ambiguous)
Move blasted code here

VHS and Beta didn't aggree on a standard - instead the consumer did. Maybe
we should have invented (under a standards committee) a new video tap standard
(let's call it DIVX - what the heck!) and have everyone throw out their VCRs
and movie collections.

Author sounds more like a pundit and less like a pro.