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Thread: Coded into a corner? NOT!

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    Rick Strahl Guest

    Coded into a corner? NOT!

    I have to take serious issue with Glenn Davis in his 'Coded into a corner'

    I'm all for standards if companies will actually try to follow them. Microsoft
    of all the companies (what all 2 of them that have a browser worth mentioning????)
    at least takes a pretty good stab at implementing the standards. What's the
    alternative? Netscape? Gimme a break - that browser even in its 'new 6.0'
    version still has non-existent support for DHTML, barely supports CSS (obvious
    the Cascading concept of CSS has escaped Netscape) and without digging I
    can't find XML support either. Heck it can't even display an XML document.

    If that's what Glenn means by standards compliant I'll stick with Microsoft
    any day and won't be looking back. Never mind that you can actually do something
    useful with Microsoft's browser in YOUR own applications. Plug in a browser,
    access Web content from within an application, pull XML from the Web and
    use it locally or send it back up to the server. Never mind that you can
    take advantage of XML in IE today not 'when the next version ships' and without
    having to roam the net for an XML parser that actually works, let alone be
    easy to use in an application (how you're going to use that Java parser in
    a non-java application?).

    Frankly I'm tired of these obvious academians who sit around and mull theories
    in their head without much consideration for the real world. This is how
    we get standards that are inadequate or incomplete to begin with. Standards
    need to evolve and this means innovation and change in the standards.

    Compatibility is important and if standards are a way to achieve it - fine.
    But pointing the finger at one company is ridiculous. Show me somebody who's
    doing better and doing it right! We have to get the job done today and not
    wait 'til next year and HOPE somebody gets it right. If compatibility is
    your concern Netscape is hardly the answer especially now with the whole
    AOL thing behind it.

    You can bet your *** that Microsoft will not put itself in a compromising
    position where an important standard is concerned. If that breaks compatibility
    but is vital to development I have faith that it will be done right to support
    both. MS is arrogant maybe, but stupid - no way.

    +++ Rick ---

    Rick Strahl
    West Wind Technologies

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    Ian thomas Guest

    Re: Coded into a corner? NOT!

    "Rick Strahl" <> wrote:
    >I have to take serious issue with Glenn Davis in his 'Coded into a corner'


    Yes, I agree 99%. I just couldn't be bothered replying to the sort of person
    who enjoys MS-bashing for the sake of it. And (as you detail) he (Glenn Davis)
    is demonstrably wrong, or ignoring the facts. I guess this panders to the
    people who "might try Linux one day".

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