The article seemed to praise Netscape for conforming to 'established' standards
while bashing Microsoft for not doing so. If the goal of standards is to
allow users to use whatever browser they want to view web pages, then the
true comparison would be Microsoft to Netscape, since together they hold
90+% of the marketshare.

When I program, I typically have to consider what will work on Netscape,
since Internet Explorer (IE) supports most of Netscape's functionality, while
Netscape supports much less of IE's functionality. For example, Netscape
does not support VBScript. Since Visual Basic is arguably the world's most
popular language, you would think Netscape would support VBscript in order
to let programmers use their language of choice. By not supporting it, they
force you to either use javascript or to use vbscript and risk a large portion
of the market not being able to access your page. As far as meeting standards
that the world actually wants, I would think that Netscape is the one with
some changes to make.