Phil -

Just to make it clear - I <am> aware of a wider DevX out there, it's just
that I find the newsgroup an excellent source of information. The
weird thing is that I'm not entirely sure when I "discovered" you. It was
either due to a link in VBPJ, but it also may be due to this contractor we
had (very briefly) called Jonny Anderson. Anyway, I think the main reason
why I didn't visit was because we were forced to use IE3, and
the site does not run pretty on that browser - the newsgroup was the only
thing that worked for me. Oh yes, and also because when I connect at home,
I don't get the free local calls that I believe you get in the USA, so
newsgroups are a far more efficient to get information (death to BT!!) .

Just for your information, my main information sources on the net are:
* Microsoft / MSDN / KB
* DevX vb.xxxx newsgroups.

And very wonderful it is, too!

Oh - just forgot. A slight moan here - if you are going to put speech clips
on your site, can you also put a transcript, please. Not only is annoying
if your company has deliberately disabled your soundcard - please also think
of all those deaf programmers who are needlessly missing out.


Mark Alexander Bertenshaw

"Phil Weber" <> wrote in message
> > Funny - I think of the newsgroups as "being DevX." The
> > amount of time that I spend on the main DevX site compared
> > to spending time processing your newsgroups is roughly
> > 1:100. IMHO, there is rarely anything of use on the main site.

> Mark: I'm glad you find the newsgroups useful, but it sounds like we

> done a very good job educating users about the other features of DevX.
> For example, DevX is the online home of all of FTP's publications: VBPJ,
> VCDJ, Java Pro, XML Magazine, Enterprise Development, WebBuilder, etc.

> Premier Club members have access to the full-text archives of all such
> publications, and all users have free access to their source code

> The DevX Zone pages are portals to information all over the Web on a

> of development tools and technologies. The DevX Book and Product Guides
> contain reviews of hundreds of books and software products of interest to
> developers and IT professionals, with free downloadable trial versions of
> many of the products. The DevX Marketplace is a full-featured e-commerce
> site that allows you to purchase books and software at substantial
> discounts, and receive immediate electronic delivery of many of the

> products.
> Our Ask the Pros feature at contains the answers to hundreds

> frequently-asked questions about VB, ASP, C++, Java, Windows NT and many
> other development tools and technologies. Our VB2TheMax site contains
> hundreds of advanced VB tips and techniques edited by Francesco Balena, as
> well as a searchable index of Microsoft's VB Knowledge Base, sample

> from best-selling VB books (you can currently read a preview of Matt
> Curland's new book on the site), and much more. Our Project Cool is a
> valuable source of reference information for Web developers.
> Part of the problem, as Bradley Dean points out, is that with so much
> content, it can be difficult to locate exactly what you're looking for.

> the past few months, I've been working on completely redesigning our

> engine to allow you to search across all the resources listed above, as

> as top Web sites other than DevX, with a single search. The new engine
> should go online within a week or two; I think you'll be pleased with the
> results.
> If you have any other suggestions as to how we might make DevX more useful
> to you, please let me know, either via e-mail at, or by
> posting a message in the talk.editors.devx newsgroup. Thanks!
> ---
> Phil Weber
>, Inc.