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Thread: converting xml to html

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    tina Guest

    converting xml to html

    we are using your XML4J and LotusXSL products. we are facing problems in
    obtainig an HTML file written into a file when XML and its corresponding
    XSL file is given as input to the LotusXSL processor.
    if you could provide a sample code to us for the same as above, we
    would be thankful. we had tried one of your initial codes for the same
    but some runtime exceptions occured which could be due to improper settings.
    please tell us about the proper settings also.

    thanking you !!!

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    Mark Guest

    Re: converting xml to html

    XSLProcessor processor = new XSLProcessor();
    XSLTInputSource xmlIS = new XSLTInputSource(new StringReader(xml));// String
    with xml
    XSLTInputSource xslIS = new XSLTInputSource(xslFile); //File name
    StringWriter htmlString = new StringWriter();
    XSLTResultTarget target = new XSLTResultTarget(htmlString);
    processor.process(xmlIS, xslIS, target);

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