I think Macromedia has taken a very bold step in combining their products
(or at least making them interoperable) with the ultimate goal of providing
a better user experience on the web. I've been coding ColdFusion for several
years now and nothing beats how quickly you can pump out a *functional* app
in CF. As for attractive, that comes down to how well funded your project
is ;-)

While a functional interface can be pumped out faster with HTML and javascript
than Flash, i've found them much more difficult to maintain. Users are accustomed
to desktop applications that are all "event driven". To even come close
to that on the web you have to write more javascript than anybody can really
claim to enjoy -- but this is what you have to do to make the users happy.
Flash gives the developer access to an event-driven programming model that
Javascript can't touch.

I recently put together a survey in Flash. My Flash UI is much more intuitive
and perfectly arranged with no CSS incompatibilities and no browser workarounds
for javascript differences. I can move data any time I like and not have
to worry about posting information back to a form and repopulating fields.
Once we get ColdFusion MX on our servers I plan on using some of those cool
Flash Remoting tricks to simplify my life even more. Put together the functional
power of ColdFusion with the interface of a good Flash UI and see how much
cleaner your system design and application logic become.

Now if only I could draw...

Steve Rittler
Philadelphia Area ColdFusion User Group