I am working with a team that is developing an incredibly functional user
interface using DHTML. The project is in-house as many custom application
developments are and will be delivered via the company's intranet. the application
makes heavy use of XML, XSLT, CSS, Javascript and the DOM. We have decided
that IE6.0 and up will be the target browser without restriction. The IE6.0
DOM is incredible for developing DHTML and is far from dead in our opinion.
We will most likely move the application to .NET as a 2nd or 3rd phase but
the phase 1 product we intend to deliver will be a full featured mouse and
keyboard data-entry intensive app that will provide highly intuitive and
functional interfaces. I have to agree with the author that when multiple
browsers enter the picture that then DHTML becomes a very heavy load to carry.

Ray Wilson Senior Web Developer