Hello Everyone.

We are pleased to announce that Deborah Kurata is hosting an Online Book
signing event on DevX at http://marketplace.devx.com/upload/excerpts/kurata.
We have been privileged to work with Deborah for a few years now, as an author
for "Visual Basic Programmer's Journal" and a frequent speaker at VBITS.

Her latest book, "Doing Objects in VB 6" dives into object-oriented design
with the use of case-studies (for a peek at the book, check out the table
of contents and sample chapter at http://marketplace.devx.com/upload/excerpts/kurata).

Deborah will be joining us from April 17 to 20 to answer your
questions about application design, OOP, and more. Feel free to jump in and
ask away!

And as far as the "book signing" works: if you buy Deborah's book, "Doing
Objects in VB 6" between now and April 20 from the
DevX Marketplace (<http://marketplace.devx.com/product.asp?pf%5Fid=1868>)
you'll receive a signed copy.


--Rachel Palmer
Product Marketing Specialist