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Thread: New Mabry Betas

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    Zane Thomas Guest

    New Mabry Betas

    The following new products are now in open beta:


    This completes our new Internet Client Pack which consists of all atl-authored
    components. Other components in the collection include Http/X, Socket/X, and

    All of the new ICP/X products come in both OCX and COM object versions, and all
    support fast-notifications and special design considerations to allow full use
    in scripting environments.

    Pop/X, Smtp/X, and News/X use the services of other COM objects which are
    supplied with each, including Mime/X - a complete mime message object - and
    other useful objects, EncodeX, and our new StreamObjects components.

    We are currently providing support for these betas on our news server, The news server is running on a beta version of our
    NewsServer/X component. There are some quirks, and NewsServerX is undergoing
    some serious redesign work to remove them, but the news server is usable and is
    the best place to get technical support for any of our products.

    Also, at the moment the Mabry.StreamObjects and Mabry.HttpX news groups are the
    only place you will find information about our StreamObjects components. The
    helpfile should be out shortly.


    You're just mad because the voices don't talk to you.

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    Zane Thomas Guest

    Re: New Mabry Betas

    Doh! See for downloads. :-)


    You're just mad because the voices don't talk to you.

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