EasyPrint is a lightweight ActiveX control which adds full printing and previewing
to your apps. Put this small control on your form and you will be able to
print any size of picture with all the controls, texts, colors and every
other graphical element you put on the picture.

What if your picture is larger then the printers' page? Easy! EasyPrint
will give you the option to either print it on the required number of pages
or shrink it to any size, with or without it's original proportions!

EasyPrint makes full preview easy to implement. You have access to the output
for each page in the print job, so you can display them any way you like
- multi page, one page at a time, zoomed - you're the boss here.

EasyPrint gives you access to every printers' properties dialog, so your
users will be able to change orientation, select paper size etc. directly
from your application. And then preview the changes...

Some of the other features EasyPrint will enable YOUR applications to do
- Set different margins on each side of the page. Use either inches or centimeters
as units.
- Set captions for headers and / or footers on each page, with full control
over alignment, font, color, size and style.
- Send picture to the printer as one job or as one page per print job, for
those times when the printer chokes on a large job.
- Print individual pages.

Go to http://www.visual-basic-solutions.co...rint/index.htm for details
and a download. The EasyPrint package includes a 20 page manual and a full
demo program.