My name is Bryan I was wondering if there is anyone here that would like

to help me in the creation of a encryption program I am making? I already

have one partner but I need more than one!

This program encrypts then deletes or encrypts the file. The encrypt then

delete part is so that no one can see the program with a recovery program.

I need someone that knows how to encrypt the first part of an exe (or any

file such as dll, scr, etc, etc.) The only way they can preview this file

is by a password that they created. I have an idea for this password part.

If you are interested in helping me please e-mail me at
cypher1342@hotmail.com . By the way, if i make a sale on this program,
I will share profit with you 70% (me) 30% (you). Doesn't sound good, but
if we make 1000 dollars that's 300 for you! Or whatever I have to share
my profit with two other people! Well if you are interested please
e-mail cypher1342@hotmail.com .

Bryan Lilly CEO of Saturn Software (small but GOOD)