We are a leading-edge web development and solutions integration firm that
is looking for highly-capable development personnel experienced with Microsoft
technologies in enterprise environments.

What we're looking for in a candidate is a strong proficiency in Active Server
Pages, Visual Basic, COM and Java development, database management and integration
(SQL Server, Oracle, etc), XML and other leading edge technologies (Vignette
and Siebel experience is a big plus). It is imperative that the candidate
also be trustworthy, honest, easy to get along with, and be able to quote
Monty Python at random. Most importantly: candidates must be able to check
their ego's at the door -- this is a team effort.

We provide a relaxed environment while working on the most challenging data-management
initiatives for Fortune 100/Mid-size Organizations. We're here to create
something unique and to help not only our clients, but each other leverage
the benefits of the high-technology boom.

Our locale provides for a high standard of living without the hassles of
big city environments. We offer a competitive salary and great benefits
(not the least of which is the pleasure of working hand-in-hand with a highly
talented staff whose professionalism and expertise has won the respect and
loyalty of our clients).

If this sounds like something you could go for, let me know.

Send your resume to:

James Snell

Job specifics below:

LOCATION: Visalia, CA (no telecommute)
SALARY: Depends on experience. Show us what you're worth.
TECHNOLOGIES: ASP, VB, Java, COM, XML, D/HTML, Javascript, SQL (MS & Oracle),
EXPERIENCE: minimum 2-3 years, preferably with enterprise development,
ebusiness, content-management, database integration and design, etc.