September 13, 2000 - AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus+ - MAJOR Upgrade to
our Integrated Project explorer, Object Browser, Menu/Property edit add-in
for VB6. *New screenshots now online at (

Agendum Software is proud to announce our major upgrade to the award winning
and best selling, AgMapthat, Visual Basic Project Explorer replacement
add-in. With the release of the new AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus +,
Agendum Software will have once again dramatically increased the capability,
power, functionality and ease of use of the Visual Basic 6 IDE.

The release of AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus +, introduces hundreds of
new enhancements and capabilities unseen in any other add on tool for Visual
Basic. AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus + is not just an upgrade of our
popular tool, rather it is two years of work culminating in a full re-write
of the original AgMapthat. We have taken all of the numerous customer and
user requests as well as a long list of features that we have accumulated
over two years and added all of them to this major re-write.

AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus + extends the Visual Basic 6 IDE far beyond
its inherent capabilities. With this new upgrade, you now have full
control over your entire VB design environment, project views, references or
anything else you can think of. With single click access and customizable
views, AgMapthat now incorporates the power of the Project Explorer, Object
Browser, Properties Pages, References access, Menu editor and more all into
one tightly integrated tool. Imagine have instant access to all properties,
objects, controls, references, menus and much more! Need to edit a .frx
file or the .vbp file? No longer do you need to open another editor.. Just
right click it in the AgMapthat window and it opens automatically in your

AgMapthat even displays and allows direct edit access to menus! We even
show Menu Icons for any object within your project that has menus!
AgMapthat will allow point and click, integrated design access to left,
right, middle, and wheel mice buttons with our other coming release,

Imagine setting up the display, visual layout and code access of your
projects and then creating favorites for each! With AgMapthat, you can now
do just that! If you want to view nothing but API calls, or API calls and
all controls, you can do it. Or let's say you want to display all data
connections and the references for the project but nothing else... you can
do it. Need full project task management for individual programmers OR
groups? AgMapthat has it. Need full power project printing? Want to print
the detail level shown in the Object browser? AgMapthat does it! Need to
store snips, create header or handler on the fly? AgMapthat does it! Want
to use simple wizards to create any type of case or select statement?
AgMapthat does it! If you can name it, we have probably added it.

AgMapthat has even been optimized to handle projects astronomical in size!
Have a project with 200 forms, 100 classes, 150 modules, 75 user controls
and more? AgMapthat can load and view it all - and fast! Want to
synchronize two projects and cut and past between multiple projects easily?
AgMapthat has a built in code copy function! It will even figure out and
display your snipped code in a structured format showing subs, functions,
API and more in complete and total detail. There is much more than we can
ever describe here. Hundreds of enhancements have been made adding to a
tool that is already known for being "What the VB Project Explorer should
have been".

AgMapthat offers you unsurpassed access and use of the VB IDE.. and it
reaches into areas of VB that are not readily accessible. Totally user
configurable and complete with unprecedented, customizable toolbars,
AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus + is one of the most innovative tools you
will ever see. You will not find anywhere, a more powerful, yet easy to
use system for enhancing your Visual Basic IDE!

Visit our web site for full details and over 20 new screen shots of the new
AgMapthat - Project Browser Plus +. You will not be disappointed.

*Limited time offer - Any purchase of the current release of AgMapthat, now
until the release of the upgrade, will get the new version free of charge as
well as a free copy of the all new AgCodePack containing thousands of lines
of source code! We have also reduced the price of AgMapthat pending the
new release. For a limited time, get AgMapthat for $129.95 and get the next
version free!

Visit or call (608) 837-6736 for more information
and ordering!



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