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Thread: November Tip - Make VB's Dialog Boxes Larger

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    Larry Rebich Guest

    November Tip - Make VB's Dialog Boxes Larger

    Make VB's Dialog Boxes Larger

    A Pet Peeve - VB's Tiny Dialog Boxes. In some cases you can't even see the
    entire description of an item. For example: The project reference dialog.
    You may have 5 versions of the same DLL registered in various folders. If it
    has a long file name with a long folder name there is no way to know which
    one you want to reference. You end up guessing.

    Over the years I have posted this 'pet-peeve' a number of times in various
    news groups. The latest being in the DevX VB7 Forum. Pat Long recently came
    to the rescue. Pat informed me that VB6's dialog boxes are defined in
    VB6IDE.DLL. And that I could open the DLL in VC++ and change them. That is
    what I did. I also modified one of SourceSafe's dialogs - share files. It
    all worked so well I decided to make this the November 2000
    tip-of-the-month. If you don't have VC++ you can download the changes I made
    to VB6IDE.DLL and SSUS.DLL.

    Link to:

    Larry Rebich

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    Larry Rebich Guest

    Re: November Tip - Make VB's Dialog Boxes Larger

    This is what Greg Davis had to say:

    "Thanks for that modified VB6Ide.dll I can't tell you how many times
    I've been pissed while looking at the trail end of a path as it went off the
    screen in the references dialog."

    "Really cool....."


    Thanks for the nice comment Greg, Larry

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    Larry Rebich Guest

    Re: November Tip - Make VB's Dialog Boxes Larger

    This is what Douglas Gaede had to say:

    "Just got your newest version... of VB6IDE. Thanks.

    "I hope MS gives up on ALL fixed-size dialog boxes (VB internal and
    especially those generated by the Windows APIs like Save and Load...) for
    VB7. I haven't seen Win2K so I don't know if they made any changes to the
    Windows dialog boxes in the newest version of Windows."


    Thanks for the kind words Doug. I hope MS gives up on the fixed dialogs as
    well. Larry

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